“Damn you and your better self!”

Short Synopsis/

A chubby lunch lady tries to lose weight to fit in, but her craving for acceptance takes a wild turn when she loses something more important than her weight.

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Thirty years old and 105 kilograms of weight, lunch lady Ying-Juan was dealt a bad hand. She works at her mother’s childcare center and has a harder time fitting in than a T-Rex in a petting zoo. On her birthday, Ying-Juan’s mother signs her up for a weight loss program. To earn her mom’s approval, Ying-Juan reluctantly joins the class.
But things change when Ying-Juan meets Wu, a deliveryman who bears a checkered past underneath his radiant smile. Encouraged by Wu, Ying-Juan becomes more determined to lose weight. Meanwhile, Ying-Juan discovers Xiao-Yu, a straight-A student at the childcare center, is a secret cross-dresser, and special bond begins to form between them. Just when things are getting on the right track, Ying-Juan’s passion for cooking and life seem to be fading away due to her over-aggressive diet. Bitterly, Ying-Juan finds herself standing on the brink of a meltdown, both physically and psychologically…


Pei-Ju Hseih

Producers: E.N. Lee, Jing Wang

Stars: Jia-Yin Tsai, Samantha Shu-Chin Ko, Lene Lai

“It’s too hard to change the world. It’s easier to change yourself”



89 mins



Release Date/

12th Apr 2021

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